Call for Papers

The dairy cow: Understanding the sustainable production

Issue 33- March, 2020

Deadline: November 30th, 2020

Editores Temáticos:

Dr. Pablo Marini (Argentina)
Dra. Marta Elena Alonso (Spain)
Dra. Alison Hanlon (Irlanda)
Dra. Nancy Bonifáz (Ecuador)

Approaching agricultural production from a reductionist perspective focuses the attention on a few isolated variables, not recognizing the interactions between the component parts. The production of dairy cattle does not escape this logic, in which the mechanisms associated with productivity and overall efficiency are not understood, as well as the dynamics of their properties over time.

In this sense, this special issue of La Granja aims to reevaluate an integrative perspective that would permit a systemic interpretation, emphasizing the sustainability of the systems from the economic-productive, environmental and social aspects.

Using an interdisciplinary approach to better understand how to support the best practice in animal welfare and quality of life, La Granja invites researchers to present original and high-quality research articles and review articles focused on different components of the production system:

1.- Reproduction and adaptation.

2.- Nutrition and management.

3.- Animal Welfare and longevity.

4.- Ecosystem and production.

5.- Economics and system.

6.- Others.