Altitudinal variations in H and Al ions interchange along with Fe content in Amazonian rainforest soil

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Rainforest, Control soil, Amazonian soil, Altitudinal variation, H ion, Al ion, Fe content


Soils vary broadly across Amazonia having a large diversity of soil types, morphological characteristics and physical-chemical soil properties. Research that examines the soil properties of these areas improves our general knowledge of native, unexplored soils and provides promising control samples for soil science. There are important investigations in the literature that examine the Amazonian forests grow in a heterogeneous environment in relation to soil and topography. In our study soil samples of 3 depths and from 9 different altitudinal locations of Amazonian rainforest were collected. The present study provides the insight about the effects of soil depth as well as altitudinal variations on Fe content and Interchangeable acidity  (H-Al ion interchange). Our study indicated that altitude compared to soil depth can play major role in Fe content and Interchangeable acidity.
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