Integral typification of goat systems of Santa Elena province, Ecuador

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Ligia Araceli Solís Lucas
María Rosa Lanari
María Inés Oyarzabal


Economic indicators, productive indicators, socio-cultural indicators, production systems, goats


As a preliminary step to propose development strategies in the goat productive systems (SPC) of the Santa Elena province, Ecuador, the SPC were typified by means of socio-economic, productive and environmental indicators. A sample of 172 producers was surveyed on family composition and participation in work, adopted technology, communications, composition of the herd, livestock stock, land use, income, infrastructure and basic services, access to farms, technical assistance and training, off-farm work and income, management and facilities, water sources and food supplement, reproductive aspects, difficulties in the production of goats, marketing of goats. The number of proposed variables was reduced by principal component analysis (PCA) and χ2 tests for quantitative and qualitative variables, respectively. Based on the main components that explained 80% of the variability, a conglomerate analysis (CA) was carried out, resulting in the division of the SPC into 7 groups. Through a multiple correspondence analysis (MCA), associations between groups and modalities of qualitative variables were identified. The variables that contributed most to the differentiation of SPC groups were related to goat production, family size, poultry, agricultural, pig and bovine production, participation in family work, income from social benefits, the size of the farm and the technology adopted. Two groups were mixed, one with a predominance of livestock activity and the other with agricultural activity; a group with greater swine activity; two groups were characterized by the breeding of goats for consumption, whose income came from external sources; and two groups were defined by the age of their producers.
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