«La Granja. Revista de Ciencias de la Vida» in its efforts to maintain the novelty and originality implemented an anti-plagiarism software that can recognize non-original documents, indicating the source. In order to this, different special services are used, such as the Urkund system, which analyzes texts for grammatical and ortho-typographical matches, ensuring the works are unpublished, and guaranteeing -in compliance with the quality standards of the editorial board- the own scientific production. Additionally, «La Granja. Revista de Ciencias de la Vida» offers the authors and reviewers, as well as the scientific community, a set of specific tools in the detection of plagiarism: Grammarly, Plagium, Copionic, WriteCheck, PaperRater, Plagarisma.net, Viper Plagarism Scanner or CrossCheck. It is a set of free and open access systems that supervise the originality of any manuscript and allow controlling plagiarism.


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