All manuscripts must be submitted through the Open Journal System (OJS), which guarantees the electronic and auditable recording of the interactions between the publication and the authors. Once set, the Editorial Board checks that the originals comply with the purpose and scope of the publication, including the Author Guidelines. 

The texts that fulfill with the requirements of this first phase continue with the editorial process. All manuscripts are reviewed by the "double-blind peer-review" arbitration system with experts of the subject that do not belong to the institution of the authors. This process guarantees the anonymity of the documents, authors and reviewers, certifying the transparency, objectivity and impartiality of the review process. The review report used by external reviewers can be found here.

The process of complete revision, from the moment of the submission of the manuscripts through the OJS until the completion of the reviews takes an average time of 8-10 weeks, except incidents. Reviewers must also comply with the ethical code of reviewers.

Reviewers Guidelines

«La Granja» has a team of international reviewers, experts in the topics of the journal and who are part of the International Council of Reviewers; names which are made public the following year of their activities to guarantee their anonymity. All «La Granja» reviewers must operate according to the Code of Ethics of the publication.

When sending the reviewers the original paper for its evaluation, they will also receive the Manuscript Evaluation Protocol for scientific articles, as well as for points of view or reviews.